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Here, I'll be posting links to my articles, or possibly other cool sites you can visit.

  • Google
  • An immense search engine, that works perfectly well.
  • youtube
  • The best free video browsing experience
  • Facebook
  • Connect with millions of people all over the world
  • Travian
  • The best massively multiplayer online game you can find!

I know you use all of those every day, but I gotta feed ya somethin' ;)



This site is growing! New features, New everything!

Greetings to all newcomers to my new site. As you probably know (or most likely you don't know anything about me) I'm a student of knowledge. My goal, is to write software programs and know as much as I can. I love computers and I love programming. On this site you'll probably find cool things, about my programs and stuff. My previous wolfiweb site, is now on a new adress, oldwolfiweb.webng.com it is still pretty cool. Some might say, that my old one looked better. Well, It might be true, but this one is much more stylish and much much harder to write and design. It has some aspects that make it cooler, such as the shadows and overlapping menu-sidings, columns and so on. I basically gathered all of my HTML and CSS, Javascript and PHP knowledge to create this site.

I have recently made a lot of changes to this website. I was planning to make a new one, with new PHP scripts and things, but then I got convinced, that this site looks good and that I should continue with this one. So I did. I made a visitor counter a hit counter (which by the way counts how many times was my website visited- coulbe one person...) and a comments page, which is really cool. It has integrated smileys, now I shall add a some kind of a ranking system, everything comes with time... Some changes that are entirely internal, I also made dynamic news panels, which are labour saving, because now I only have to change one file, to change all of the news panels. This is how all of the pro sites do it... I am now working on a cool login feature, which will provide member with a much broader and more personal view of myself and also for the admin a way to monitor the website, without direct access to the server.

This page will also be updated frequently, as all of my other ones. I can finally be proud of my website creation. I was always proud, but with every website and every hour, my skills multiply and I shall once become the ultimate website maker, along with other things too!